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The taste-bud tickling flavor of hot wings, happy customers... and success!

Becoming a Memphis Wings franchise partner means working to meet needs in your community and building a better life for yourself along the way. There's no better time than now!

There are two things I get fired up about. The first is hot wings, and the other is helping franchisees be successful.

Mike Rosenberger, Memphis Wings Founder & CEO

Why Choose Memphis Wings

One unique piece of the Memphis Wings story is that the first location opened and succeeded through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our operations prioritize efficient, crisis-friendly procedures that are well-positioned for customer expectations on convenience and safety.

The music theme and industrial décor are on-trend and include local art and signed memorabilia to highlight local and regional celebrities.

Our bold color scheme and finishes reflect our bold flavors and our bold attitude, and we play music that you’ll bob your head and tap your toes to.

Unique Value

  • Small footprint and low cost of entry
  • Dine-in, take-out, catering and delivery
  • COVID-19 compliant
  • Strong leadership and support team
  • Simple operating model
  • Community engagement programs
  • “Business in a Box” investment
  • Crisis resilient and Amazon proof

Chicken wings are budget-friendly and super convenient for take-out and catering. They travel well and maintain their quality upon arrival. And in the new normal, chicken wings have become even more of a “go-to”, and sales are skyrocketing!

Memphis Wings Owner Shaking Hands with Franchise Owner

Chicken Wing "Know How"

As our slogan says, we start at hot. That’s not just a description for our chicken wing spiciness, but also for the “know how” of our Wing Team that collectively has over 55 years of restaurant success. This experience helped form our successful franchise model built on proven systems for people-pleasing, profit-generating, and community service.

Icon of a Guitar Pick

Training & Support

We take the idea of Making Wings Legendary seriously – and not just because it plays perfectly with our theme. We genuinely believe that sharing best practices and working together is the best way to achieve our collective goals.

You’ll complete ten days of comprehensive training at our headquarters in Jacksonville, FL. You’ll learn how to rub, toss, flavor, grill, bread wings, tenders, sandwiches… well, you get the idea.

We’ll then come to your location for onsite guidance and support as you open your doors. And we'll be your ongoing partner... to ensure that your location achieves sustainable success!


I opened my Memphis Wings location during COVID-19. We’ve proven that Memphis Wings is crisis resilient and that the community loves our any-way-you-want-it wing experience!

Vince, Memphis Wings Jax Beach Franchisee

Memphis Wings

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Prime Market Timing

Multi-units available for suburbs or major metros.

Single units (available in AL, FL, GA, SC, NC, TN, TX)

Early in advantage for territories.


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on becoming a Memphis Wings franchisee!


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Meet the Founder


Discovery Day


Congratulations on becoming a Memphis Wings franchisee!

Is Memphis Wings Right For You?

Most importantly, before we go any further – you need to love chicken wings. We hope that doesn’t come as a surprise at this point.

Here's What We're
Looking For In A
Fantastic Franchisee

You love people and great food.

Our wings may bring customers in, but service determines if they come back.

You have a strong desirefor success as asmall business owner.

Your dedication will determine your success (and ours too).

You can train, manage and motivate your team.

We count on each other for success and doing their part.

You are willing to work hard.

You can be an active owner/operator or oversee a managed team.

You value community

Great food brings people together for a sense of belonging and connection.

Take the First Step


Franchise Fee
*Ask about available discounts

Total Investment
$179,400 to $389,150

Minimum Cash Investment

Minimum Net Worth

Multi-Unit Franchise Fee
Included in Total Investment

$39,900 single unit
$30,000 second unit
$25,000 third unit
$22,000 each additional unit

5% of gross sales

Brand Marketing Fund
1% of gross sales

Local Advertising Spend
2% of gross sales

Furnishings, Fixtures, Equipment
Included in Total Investment; varies based on type of space

Positioned for multi-units in suburbs or major metros (single units available in AL, FL, GA, SC, NC, TN, TX).

Inquiry Form

Complete this first step and you’ll receive our free franchise guide. A member of our Memphis Wings team will then reach out to you.


Teresa Wade
VP of Franchise Development